What to wear on your first date!

It’s a nerve racking experience, right?!

You MUST make that all important fantastic impression. The biggest factor (you feel), as a fashionable woman, is what to wear. Deciding what to wear is a difficult thing to do, and you’ll probably consult all of your friends before deciding… You may even take a trip shopping to pick yourself up something new. Although, you’re not really sure what you’re going to be looking for. You want to look your best, whilst keeping comfortable and of course looking as slimming as possible.

Avoid looking too “vampy” or “flirtatious” on a first date. Keep in mind the impression that you want to give off.

The first thing you need to bear in mind is to feel your best, confident, happy and comfortable! You don’t want to turn up feeling insecure and shy because of what you’re wearing. You need something that’s going to make you peak and feel brilliant.

I think the biggest fear that women have about going on a first date, is whether they’re going to over or under dress, so it’s about finding that perfect balance. Of course, you must find out what you’ll be doing on your date or where you’ll be going. Obviously, you wouldn’t wear the same thing to a restaurant as you would going to a theme park!

The dinner date: Keep elegant and classy. A nice pair of heels with a knee length dress is perfect. Don’t show too much boob, as you want to leave some things to the imagination, and of course, stay classy.

The day date: Keep casual! It’s the day and you’re on a casual date. You don’t want to look desperate. Ensure your hair and makeup is in full swing, but keep your casual attire on. Jeans and a t-shirt definitely work well.

Wear clothes that you would usually wear and give off your personality. Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not by dressing up or down to impress somebody else. Keep to your usual style. Colours are important when it comes to clothing. Usually a dark colour is most flattering on our bodies, and most slimming, so would usually say to go for that. However, if you’re a more daring character, then of course it’s brilliant to dabble. But remember, you don’t want to scare them away with any outrageous outfits.

Top tip: Remember to be yourself. Dress how you usually would, and not somebody that you’re trying to be.


Streamlined fashion at work! Boring…

Lover of all things fashion, but can’t express your individuality at work?

It’s not completely unusual for your boss to be a little bedazzled by your amazing fashion sense, and confused about how you’re expressing your personality… probably because they don’t have one themselves! We’re all individuals, and as fashionistas, we love to splat a bit of colour where we can, and wear the latest trends as often as possible.

A common problem: The nail polish. Especially within schools! It’s very abnormal if a school actually lets you wear nail polish. So, what about the working industry? You may not have had the restriction before, so it may come as a bit of a shock. We’re here to let you know that you haven’t got to bare all, and wear nothing on those nails of yours! We’ll show you how to survive and get around the “no nail varnish” rule.

So, what do they really mean when they say “no nail varnish” at work? Well, generally this would be speaking in terms of nail art, long false nails, dark nail varnish, and bright nail varnish.

What you can do to bend the rules are:

  • Wear clear nail polish
  • Wear sheer nail polish
  • Wear nude nail polish

If your boss manages to pull you up on the above, then you’re in a real crisis! This doesn’t mean you can’t treat your nails to looking nice through. Keep your nails shaped perfectly, and give them a buff to give them a glossy look. Ensure you’re keeping your hands nice and moisturized to avoid those dry looking hands and cuticle beds!

What coat should I buy this winter?

What could should I buy?

It’s a question that will always come up during the winter months, and knowing what’s in fashion may not always fit your style! But what 2015 has to offer is much more than that. Boyfriend coats are in! Not literally, your boyfriends coat, of course. This isn’t a fashion that has just come out of nowhere, as we would all know, the “boyfriend” style has been around for way over a year now. The most common style of “boyfriend” apparel, would be the boyfriend jeans that us women will wear (and of course make look so much better than the men!). The new style is slightly more fitted than your typical baggy stuff. It’s amazing, because this style of coat fits every shape and size… who would have thought it!

So, how can you make your boyfriend coat look gorgeous?

Well, of course the coat will be semi-fitted, but very straight lined, so nobody can actually see your curves. We still want people to see your gorgeous figure, so whilst wearing your boyfriend coat, wear something tight fitted and slimming underneath. This will allow people to see that you’re not just drowning your figure in a baggy coat!

Pull yourself in with a belt! Whilst it being a baggy coat, and we can only usually imagine wearing a coat belt with a jacket, but now times are moving on. Wear a stylish belt with your jacket to pull yourself in at the middle and show off that waist!

We must always remember to show skin strategically, and in this case, we definitely do. Showing a bit of arm or leg, again shows that you do have a body underneath that big coat, as well as showing off your femininity!

What to wear for your body type…

Have you ever had the debate with yourself on what to wear on a night out? Do you sometimes think “hmmm… bust or bum?” well, ladies… we’re here to tell you exactly what you should and shouldn’t be wearing on your night out on the town!

You mustn’t have all of your glory on show! The core of all sexiness is to show skin strategically and not to flaunt all you have to offer. Ask yourself what image you want to portray. Get to understand what you can show, and what should be off limits. It also all depends on the type of body shape that you have, with regards to what you should be getting on show… Let’s take a look at body shapes and what you should be accentuating when you’re on a night out with the girls to look your best!

Are you an apple? Well, what is an apple you may ask… an apple body shape is one that tends to carry weight around the mid-section of the body, without a defined waist line. So, for the night out with your girls you may want to focus on getting your legs or bust out and really show your best bits, avoiding adding volume around the middle of your waist.

Are you a pear? Being a pear would refer to you being bottom heavy and being bigger around the hips than you are on top. This usually goes for the majority of women; we’re packing that junk in our trunk! Work your womanly figure by adding shape and structure above the waist to accentuate your top half! You may be best off to balance your top half with a nice brightly coloured top, and try to avoid those pencil skirts!

Are you a strawberry?

In reverse to the pear, the strawberry shape woman have a bigger top than the bottom. Because of this, it can make you look a lot heavier! Ensure that you’re avoiding shoulder pads or any kind of puffy sleeves, as this will only make you look bigger. Settling for a cute V-neck will do the trick, and soften your look!

Are you an hourglass? This is the most voluptuous! This means that you’re curvy on top and on bottom, but go in right at the middle. You have a full bust and bottom and blessed with a gorgeous figure! Don’t drown yourself in baggy clothes, but be careful not to wear everything completely figure hugging!

Are you a rectangle? If you’re a rectangle then you’re a fairly straight person with no curves. You may feel like you have a boyish figure, however you can create the illusion that you have curves with the right clothing! Stick to styles with more shape to bring out the curves that you do have.

There you have it, the 411 on style and fashion for your body shape. We hope this helps and try a variety of techniques to see what you feel and look your best in. When you find a style and shape that works – stick to it!

What’s Amosh All About?

Maybe you’ve wondered what our branding is all about… Maybe you’re curious to know what our branding represents and what it means to us… Firstly, Amosh is a fresh and modern clothing collection for woman and men, characterised by the brand’s distinctive emblem, which is the Turkish eye. This comes from the designer’s native Cypriot and Turkish origin, and she wanted to introduce “the eye” into her clothing line.

In every nation, we have superstitions that originate from thousands of years ago and a popular belief existing in many societies is the “evil eye” which is symbolises as a good luck charm to protect against evil.

Throughout history, we continuously look for ways to prevent bad luck and harness good luck. The most common in Europe is a rabbit foot to warn off bad luck. Almost every Turkish person carries around, or has on display, an evil eye (either on them or in their household). They say it doesn’t matter whether it works, but they just need it there… therefore kind of seen as a “safety blanket”.

Following the beliefs and traditions of the evil eye, it is now a popular souvenir for anybody who travels there. So, why not have a little bit of Turkey in your wardrobe with the evil eye, and warn off any bad luck into your wardrobe! After all, who wants bad luck in their style?!